Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas Gifts for Animal Lovers

Last year, I wrote about Christmas gifts for dogs and cats. I thought it was time for some useless gifts for the animal lovers in your lives:

This doormat is so cute, but it's almost book-length so all your guests will most likely get frostbite while reading it:

Dog Day 751 Doormat - A Day in the Life of a Dog

In an effort to appeal to every taste and interest, Monopoly games have gone wild :


Of course, there's one for cat lovers too:

Monopoly - Cat Lovers

I make my own cards and tags, and these would be great to add to those I make for animal lovers:

Done bone paperclips

Get organized

I do not for a moment believe this item will stop my cat from lounging on my mouse, desk or keyboard:

Kit-In Box - Desktop Cat Bed

While searching for these nifty items, I came across some more wonderfully useless stuff for cats and dogs, so I'm going to post those some time soon.


NuclearToast said...

Great stuff, Lynn! I love the door mat. And I think the key to the cat desk shelf is warmth: either a heated pad or an overhead desk lamp will make them want to be on the shelf, not your keyboard.

Lynn Sinclair said...

I love that doormat too, NT. It could just as easily (or even more so) appeal to cat owners.

Ah, a source of heat! That makes perfect sense. My poor kitty -- I've got a Mac now, so she misses my PC (she would lounge on top).

jan said...

The doormat is a great idea for people that you really didn't want to invite in anyway.

Lynn Sinclair said...

Lol, Jan, and we all get enough of them at our door, don't we?

Georgie said...

Um, newsflash to the folks who came up with the Kit in Box idea:

Cats plop down wherever they want. Desks included. (Just ask my favorite deskmate, a 6-months-old American Short Hair named, Patrick.)

So I guess I could use that little box keep the snacks further away from me while I'm at the computer, perhaps?

Lynn Sinclair said...

Great idea, Georgie! I can always use more space on my desk, and I do like your idea of getting the snacks as far from my fingers as possible.

Heidi the Hick said...

Ah, good thing I dropped by - I needed a smile!

That dog door mat... that is one heck of a smart dog. I think my dog's internal monologue consists of "I love walks! I love buddy-toy! I love cat food! Hey! That guy's walking down the street! Hey! Hey! I love the couch... ohhhh the couch..."

Well, you know my dog. On or off, pretty much.

(Now that I've got a laptop I have to type with the cat on one arm and the dog against the other. Don't want to complain because it's better than writing alone.)

Lynn Sinclair said...

Heidi, I think your dog's thoughts are pretty near the mark for most dogs. As long as he has you around, he lacks for very little.

Raggedy Angst said...

OK, is it just me, or does the cat in the desk-top kitty-bed picture look like he's sliding off the top? Now I KNOW that's not accurate, because when they do that they always take stuff with them: a full cup of hot coffee, my keyboard, all the reference books, piles of important papers....

Lynn Sinclair said...

The desk bed may swing out -- I can see me knocking stuff over with that thing.

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