Monday, December 17, 2007

All I Want For Christmas: Part II

We can't forget about the cats on our Christmas lists, can we? True, my cat would be more than happy to find a piece of string in her stocking--as long as it came with a promise from me to wave and pull the string for hours on end. Surely, there must be other items out there we can spend our money on to indulge our feline friends:

Cat Crinkle Sack

I've seen these crackling cloth sacks in the store, and wondered if they'd amuse my cat. Would love to know if anyone has purchased one, and whether or not your cat played with the sack.

Cat Vomit Warning Sign

I admit, my cat wouldn't be too excited to find this under the tree, but it works for me. It's amazing how everyone else in my family tip-toes around the vomit until I come home, then they point it out to me upon my arrival. This sign would save them the trouble.

Kingfisher KatKabin

In the comments of my Winterizing Your Pet post, Raggedy Angst asked how to keep an stray cat warm during the cold months. Here's the perfect gift for the cat who won't come in--if you want to spend about $155.00.

Hidden Litter Box

If you live in an apartment, hiding the kitty litter box can be a real problem. I think this litter box in a planter is a great idea. Now, all you have to worry about is where to hide the planter.

Kitty Wigs! Bashful Blonde

We all get gifts that make us wonder, "What the hell were they thinking?" But I figure this little item would make a great toy for your cat to bat around the house.

Merry Christmas to all the critters in (and outside of) your home.


Raggedy Angst said...

How funny -- the cat coming out of the outdoor cat thingy looks EXACTLY like the one I'm worried about. Go figure. And my mom's cat loves his crinkle sack. And I've known other cats who did too.

NuclearToast said...

I think a crinkle sack would be a good backup toy for me if the electricity goes out and I can't use my computer or my TV.

Lynn Sinclair said...

Thanks for the crinkle sack recommendation, raggedy. And now it looks like you need to run out and get nt a last minute Christmas gift.

Heidi the Hick said...

the cat vomit sign is genius...

Lynn Sinclair said...

If my cat, Chowder, was still around, I'd have to buy two or three of them. I loved her, but she was a vomiter.

Georgie said...

Gotta say, that "Legally Blonde" cat wig is a total hoot! :-)

By the way, speaking of Christmas gifts, this raises yet another good opportunity to talk about those well meaning gift-givers who give "pets" as gifts this time of year.

Folks, please be 200% sure and positive that the person for whom you are buying that precious dog or cat -- can, and will, be dedicated to the love, care, and maintenance that comes along with owning a pet.

Too often, we hear the horror stories of those cute and cuddly little puppies and kittens who turn up on Christmas morning with a big red bow around its neck -- that are soon neglected after the initial novelty wears off, and the REALITY of being a pet owner suddenly kicks in.

These little guys are just like our children, folks. And certainly require the very same level of *care* and love.

(Okay, okay...I'll climb off my soap box now, Lynn. ;))

Lynn Sinclair said...

Readers and their soapboxes are always welcome, Georgie. Great point and perfect timing.

Anonymous said...

Finn, the cat, totally ignores the crinkle sack. But Graidy, the dog, loves it. :)

Love the planter litter box cover.

Lynn Sinclair said...

Karen, I priced out the crinkle sack at the store yesterday--about $20. Hmmm...not sure if it's worth it since I don't have a dog.

Raggedy Angst said...

I can't imagine it would be that difficult to make your own, actually. It's just a paper lunch bag in a cloth wrapper, isn't it? For me, this would be a project on the scale of building an Eiffel Tower wedding cake out of butterscotch pudding, but I'm sure someone with the least craftability could do that for less than $20.

Lynn Sinclair said...

Angst, that would require--gasp--sewing! I'm great with a glue stick and paper, but the needle and thread stuff? Amazing, isn't it, that they can charge as much for such a simple thing?