Saturday, December 22, 2007

What Makes Me Smile?

Fuzzy Logic tagged me for seven things that annoy me and seven things that make me smile. It was difficult coming up with stuff that bothers me--perhaps because this is the season to be jolly. I could only think of one:

1) Lack of common courtesy.

Stuff that makes me smile? That was far easier:

1) My daughter's achievements
2) Sunshine
3) Morning coffee
4) Laughter
5) Dogs wagging their tails
6) Meals--when they're prepared by someone else (I suppose that means cooking annoys me)
7) Spending time with friends and family


T.H.I.T. said...

It probably says enough about me that I can think of seven things that annoy me far faster, though many would prboably fall under the "lack of common courtesy" category. :-( Need to work on that.

Lynn Sinclair said...

Perhaps, Tree Hugger, but you have a humorous way of letting us know just what annoys you--and they're all justified.