Thursday, December 13, 2007

All I Want For Christmas: Part I

I've covered useless dog products, so seeing as it's Christmas, I thought I'd check up on the cute, not so useless products out there.

Doggy Smile

At first glance, I thought this was rather gruesome, but it's actually a fetch toy. It's for people who like to laugh at their dog, I suppose.

Dog Raincoat

The other day, I drove by a woman walking her dog in the freezing rain, and I wondered if the dog was cold, and how long it took to dry off once they arrived home. Suddenly, I realized that I was wrong about dogs and clothing, and how they should never come together. Raincoats for dogs makes perfect sense.

Certified 100% biodegradable Dog waste bags and cat pan liners. No Polyethylene, nature knows the difference

I like these--environmentally friendly poop and scoop bags, and cat pan liners.

Slobber-Wick Squeakless Bone Dog Toy

This toy sucks up the slobber, and since I'm now a cat owner and no longer used to drool, this is the perfect hostess gift to bring along when I visit a friend with a playful, drooling dog.

And because there are so many useless products for pets, I had to include at least one:

Sport Dog Swim Trunks - Casual Canine Dog Clothes


jan said...

I always thought no to dog raincoats, but one of my dogs would rather wait for spring than to actually get wet. He (of course he's male) loves his raincoat and dog boots for walks. And we don't care who laughs at us.

Lynn Sinclair said...

LOL, Jan. I used to chuckle at dogs in coats, but I've seen the error of my ways. I say, do whatever you can to keep your dog warm and dry.

Heidi the Hick said...

Oh man, TWO funny pug pictures???!!!!! Wow!!!

That dog o mine won't wear clothes. When he was a tiny puppy we put a little coat on him because he shivered all winter, but as soon as he grew into it he started nipping at the coat. I gotta admit, I'm relieved. Being me, I just can't put clothes on a dog. Dressing kittens in doll clothes when I was a kid, that was different, but I got royal heck for that...

The funniest thing about this post...believe it or not, even funnier than the pug lips the swimming trunks.

Because, um, pugs sink.

Yeah. Found that out from experience. He's a toe dipper and that's about it!

Lynn Sinclair said...

Ha! I guess those trunks are just for sunbathing.

NuclearToast said...

I have a question for the maker of those drool suckers... Where does the drool go? I mean, if you're playing with a drooly dog, it seems like at some point the drool sucker gets saturated and then there you are, hand all moist from drool overflow.

Lynn Sinclair said...

I'm not sure, nt. Maybe it's a magic drool-soaker-upper. Or perhaps it comes with instructions: Wring out after 30 chews. Then again, it might be packed with tiny drool-sucking salt crystals.

AuthorMomWithDogs said...

Those lips are hysterical!

Lynn Sinclair said...

Yes, it's hard to resist those lips. Who wouldn't want to play fetch with their dog if a smile like that would be their reward?

Georgie said...

Here in NYC you can see some really "classic" looking doggie attire, all year round.

There's a woman in my office building who brings her pampered little Yorkie Terrier princess named "Sofia" to work everyday (she's a company owner, no doubt)in a pink satin dress, red velvet coat with tiny rhinestone buttons, and a rhinestone barrette clip to hold up her unruly bangs (of course).

As excessive as this might sound, Sofia is nevertheless flat-out adorable and people stop on the street to play with her and compliment her owner.

So in addition to loving your pet, I guess it's about having a little *fun* and yes, *fashion* to go along with it, I'd suppose.

I love doggie clothes!

Lynn Sinclair said...

How can I disagree with anyone as sweet as you, Georgie? But I'm just not into dressing up one's pets in the latest fashions. Heck, I don't even dress in the latest fashions.

Georgie said...

That's quite okay, Lynn. ; )

And just to clarify, when I say that I love these "fashion" items, it's primarily from a "fun" perspective. While all the time, knowing that it's certainly not an issue of necessity -- especially in the case of very small dogs who can actually carry these "cutesy" little items of clothing off. Would I purchase these items for my own pet? Probably not. But I do admit that I love seeing how "classic" some of them can actually get. And as I mentioned -- this is New York, and you see it here quite a bit.

For larger dogs (as well as small), however, I'm told that coats, sweaters, and especially boots for the icy and snowy weather are often a wise choice. Boots especially, for keeping the "salt pellets" that are used to de-ice the snow, off their paws. (Licking this salt can sometimes be very toxic for dogs.)

Lynn Sinclair said...

As I said in my post, I am having second thoughts about the raincoats, etc--protecting your pet from the elements (and what we use to combat the elements) seems like a pretty darn good idea.

Speaking of elements, I feel like I'm inside a snow globe right now--we're supposed to get 20-25 cm of snow today.