Friday, November 28, 2008

Gift Ideas for Your Dog

As promised, here are the latest (though not alway greatest) Christmas gift ideas for your dog:

Okay, this is just wrong. I'm sure the designer of these chew toys is headed for a special place in wildlife hell:

Mini Roadkill Dog Toy

You know how I feel about clothes for a dog, so I won't even comment on this nail polish:

Pooch polish

This little backpack just reminded me of something -- people who tie a plastic poop bag around their dog's collar -- after the dog has pooped. That's just mean.

Harness Back Pack

Dogs love to chase balls, but if you're anything like me, tossing them can get tiresome. Here's a great gift idea that benefits everyone involved:

GoDogGo The Automatic Fetch Machine

How smart is your dog? With the Interactive Brick Dog Toy, you hide the treats, then let your pet find them by moving the sliding "bricks" with his paw or nose. Where treats are involved, I think most dogs are pretty darn smart:

Interactive Brick Dog Toy

And finally, after a hard day of chasing balls, what dog doesn't want to kick back and have a few?

Hiney Sniffen/O'DroolsBeer Squeaker Toys

Don't forget all the animals at your local Humane Society or SPCA -- they would love some new toys, and now is the perfect time to buy in bulk. During the Christmas season, many stores sell "stockings" filled with dog or cat toys at a very reasonable price. The animals would also be happy to receive your old (clean) flannel sheets, towels and blankets. I've found that bathroom rugs with a deeper pile go over well -- they're soft and keep the animals warm.


jan said...

Cute ideas, well except for the nail polish. The doggie brews cracked me up.

Georgie said...

That "How Smart Is Your Dog" puzzle got me wondering how much faster I could solve the Rubik's Cube...if there were, say, a couple of Godiva's Chocolate Truffles hidden inside.

Talk about becoming an "instant" genius.

Lynn Sinclair said...

Yeah, Jan, nail polish for dogs is a bit extreme, but should anyone consider buying it, there is Pooch Polish Remover Pads available as well.

Lynn Sinclair said...

Lol, Georgie! Perhaps we should put chocolate with anything we hide around the house like money or valuables -- that way we'll always find it.

Anonymous said...

What an eclectic list of ideas! I'm with you on the "just plain wrong" items. Though, I'm thinking that GoDogGo machine would be a hit with a GSD I know.

NuclearToast said...

Actually, I think =I'd= like the ball thrower and the doggie beers.

Lynn Sinclair said...

Okay, Karen, you've got me stumped -- what does GSD stand for? I looked it up, and did find that it's an abbreviation for German Shepherd Dog.

Lynn Sinclair said...

Hey, NT, if Raggs is looking for ideas then just send her this way.

Heidi the Hick said...

Oh my gosh, I might go to hell too. I snickered at the roadkill chew toy. I hope you can still love me...!

You know the poop bag on the dog's collar? My husband ties it to the pug's harness. He's all, "Hey man, it's his, he can carry it. He probably thinks it smells good!"

Cuz you know, dogs, no such thing as a bad smell.

I just roll my eyes.

Thanks for the reminder for the Humane Society. I think when my next round of towels is too nasty even for me, I'll wash 'em up and send them there. I recycled a very old comforter into dog beds and it works great!

Raggedy Angst said...

This is so perfect. I've been assigned the task of buying a Christmas prezzie for Nuc's daughter's dog (this being the most accepting member of the family and therefore the hardest to disappoint at Xmas 'cause I suck at prezzie-purchasing). I'll skip the road kill and polish combo pack, but I LOVE the ball thrower and doggie beers. I hope they're not expensive, because apparently I have to buy 2....

Lynn Sinclair said...

I still love ya, Heidi, though I'm not sure how I feel about Jethro -- I'll give him hell if I see him out walking the dog with the poop bag around the collar.

Lynn Sinclair said...

Well, Raggs, you might have to rethink the automatic fetch machine -- it's $150!!!! I do believe I'd much rather have a sore arm. The beer toy is under $20 -- a bit more affordable. Good luck with the doggie toy hunt.

Nicole, maltese dog owner said...

My friend sells rubber dog key chains which are so adorable. They are perfect gifts for you and your dog loving friends. I think she is selling them online too.