Friday, November 21, 2008

Gift Ideas for Your Cat

Ah, catnip ... over-the-counter drugs for your pet. But just how many different ways can you package the stuff?

Sushi For Kitties With Organic Catnip

Catnip Cigar

Do cats really care? I'll tell you what I do: I buy a package of loose catnip, toss some in an old sock, tie a string or ribbon tightly around the opening, and present it to my cat. She'll play with it for weeks.

At first, I thought: Oh yeah, buy this toy and watch your cat's eyes go up in flames when she looks into the light, but apparently it's the green pocket laser lights that can damage one's eyes.

Cat Laser Beam Toy

I'm thinking photoshopped because there is no way they got a cat to sit inside this cardboard "Cat Play House". Yet it looks so realistic.

Cat Play House

In this particular case, they really should have photoshopped a cat who didn't look quite so terrified:

Novelty Cat Play Houses

And finally, for the cat who always seems to be getting underfoot:

Crazy Cat Wall Systems

Next up, gift ideas for dogs.


Raggedy Angst said...

How come animals get all the fun toys? Where's the carpeted cardboard maze for us human-types?

NuclearToast said...

I'd seen the cardboard cat vehicles and thought they were awesome, although somewhat pricey, considering a cat will climb in a regular cardboard box.

And Raggs, I think "the carpeted cardboard maze" is called "the office". Cubicles anyone?

Georgie said...

Love the catnip-laced sushi.

Although, if my cat can't lie on his back and pull at a hanging toy until he completely demolishes it -- he's not really interested.

Totally "gangsta," that little boy of mine.

Lynn Sinclair said...

How about a hedge maze, Raggs? If you're traveling to the U.K., you might want to check out the Longleat Hedge Maze. Not carpeted but it looks like a good place to play:

Longleat Maze

Lynn Sinclair said...

Well, NT, if I ever spent money on the cardboard vehicle, you can be sure my cat would never climb inside.

Lynn Sinclair said...

Anything to keep 'em occupied, Georgie. My cat loves to play with the plastic coated twist ties (you know, the ones that are used in packaging). I find them everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha!! Thanks for the photo laughs!!

Things are settling at the store more.... will be renoing in January, & will be smoother after the reno is all done with & the other senior staff are all finished their training....
see you during the parade, or else Monday morning...I'm heading back into more mornings for the next two weeks...

Lynn Sinclair said...

Hey, K, thanks for dropping by. They're renovating Starbucks? Does that mean it'll be closed in January? But, but, but ... what about my morning coffee?

greenint said...

Gift ideas for my cat....
I'm waiting for them to give me their "Christmas wish list".
Times are tough and i don't want to waste money on something they don't really want. ;-)


Lynn Sinclair said...

Charmainne, we know that all a cat really wants is a warm home and a kind heart. You've got that covered.

Anonymous said...

I planted some catnip in my garden this summer. Got tons from just one plant. Finn played in it all summer and now he'll get a sock-full for Christmas. Great stuff.

And, yeah, I agree. Those cats in those boxes had to be photoshopped. Neither cat looks like it's having a very good time.

Lynn Sinclair said...

Karen, looks like Finn is going to have a very merry Christmas indeed!