Monday, September 6, 2010

Bee Keeper

Because of the recent decline in the honeybee population, I was happy to see lots of bees flying about this summer (even though they're bumblebees). It took me a few weeks to realize that many of the bees were actually living under my front concrete step (you'll have to click on the photo to get a close-up). They would zoom past, with their little, pollen-laden legs, ignoring me as I watched them crawl into the nest. The buzzing, coming from the step, was incredible.

My husband was worried that they might sting someone, but we seldom use the front door. I know all of the bees will die once the cold weather sets in, but I'm not sure if the queen will remain in the nest. We should seal it up in the fall, but I'm concerned we might be trapping the queen inside. Any suggestions?


Jan said...

I keep reading about the alarming decline of bees, but every year we get more bees than ever in our little garden helping us with pollination. Strange.

Lynn Sinclair said...

Maybe the bees are leaving the keepers' hives, and getting back to living in the wild. Good to hear they're thriving in your neck of the woods.

NuclearToast said...

Bees! What will you have next, beavers?

And I had no idea bees were seasonal. Seems to me that the hive should survive, even if the workers don't. Right?

Lynn Sinclair said...

That's what worries me, NT. I don't want to wall the queen bee in, along with all the eggs she'll lay. I know so little about bees.

But beavers would be neat! And they build their own walls. Of course, I know even less about them.