Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mid-Air Collisions

Eons ago, when I worked in Toronto, I passed the Exchange Tower each morning on my mad dash from the train. One day, I spotted an injured bird on the ground, beside the Tower's massive windows.

What a beauty it was--long beak and smooth, brown plumage. Its black eyes were open, and I wanted so much to pick up the bird and comfort it (of course, that would probably have stressed it even more). Suddenly, getting to work on time was no longer important. I assumed the bird had hit the window, so I waited, hoping it had only been stunned. But the poor thing never recovered.

At work, the image of the bird haunted me. By the afternoon, I decided to contact the Tower's management. This was in the days before PC's and email, so I typed up a letter and mailed it off.

Within a month, I received a reply. They'd looked into the problem, and had been advised by the Ontario Science Centre to put dark silhouettes of hawks on the windows--the birds would steer clear of the presumed predator.

For years afterward, it gave me a great deal of satisfaction whenever I happened to look up at the hawk silhouettes. I don't know how many birds may have been saved, but I felt my letter had made a difference.

And I believe we can all make a difference--no matter how small.

Thanks to Eartheasy for the hawk silhouette. To learn about environmentally sustainable living, visit Greg Seaman's helpful website: Eartheasy


Carolyn Burns Bass said...

This deserves an ovation, Lynn. I love your description of the bird and your response. Are the hawk silhouettes still there?

Lynn Sinclair said...

About five years ago, my daughter and I passed the silhouettes, so I pointed them out, and told my story. We passed them again last year, and I began my tale once again.

"You already told me, Mom," she says.

Remember the days when we would listen to our parents and grandparents tell the same stories over and over? Well, those days are gone.

Heidi the Hick said...


Great blog you got here. I especially liked the photo of the dog in the dress. (GEez!)

And now when I see those silhouettes on the windows I'll know who to thank!

Ok I'm off to do some blog linkage...

Lynn Sinclair said...

Hey, Heidi, thanks for dropping in. Yes, dogs in dresses is such a major faux paw.

NuclearToast said...

Speaking of faux paw, how about this t-shirt?

Lynn Sinclair said...
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Lynn Sinclair said...

Ha! And I thought I was being so original. Love the t-shirt--there are some socially unacceptable things that are still...well, socially acceptable.

(oops, deleted my last comment when I tried to edit)

Anonymous said...

It must feel great to do something so wonderful! I love the blog by the way and I look forward to reading it with my morning coffee.

Lynn Sinclair said...

Thanks, Brenda. I've been keeping up with your life as well. To tell the truth, I'm surprised you even have time for coffee!