Sunday, August 22, 2010

Garden Favourites

Back Cat in Garden

My cat, Meeko, likes going into the yard, but always ends up eating grass, which she promptly vomits once she's back in the house. That would be okay if my carpets were green.

Rose Campion and Coreopsis
Last year, I had to pull hundreds of my beautiful pink rose campions -- they'd seeded everywhere and threatened to overtake the garden. But I see that many seeds have sprouted, so I'll be able to enjoy them again next year.

Shasta Daisies
My shasta daisies were pretty spectacular this year, but the clumps are so huge, it's probably time to divide.

I'm going to miss all the colours, once winter arrives, but I can always bring the gardens indoors by pulling out one of my vintage tablecloths:

Vintage Tablecloth with Daisies
Vintage Tablecloth with Pink Flowers

And why am I writing about vintage tablecloths in my animal-related blog? Just to let you know that I've started another blog about vintage stuff I own, called "Vintage Hoard". If you're interested in that kind of thing, then why not take a look?


NuclearToast said...

The shasta daisies are pretty much my favorite summer flower.

Lynn Sinclair said...

They are wonderful flowers and so easy to grow. I wish I could send you some, NT, when I divide them.

georgie said...

The shastas are indeed gorgeous, Lynn! Love your new blog too. Please cherish that beautiful Johnson Bros. platter. I wouldn't serve a Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey on anything else!

Lynn Sinclair said...

Thanks, Georgie, I'll bring it out when all my uncles are over for dinner to see if they remember it from their childhood.

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myakub said...

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