Thursday, June 3, 2010


Cat Sleeping in basketIt's taken me almost a month to write about this because ... well, because it's so horrendous. The SPCA, where I volunteer, experienced a ringworm outbreak they were unable to contain. After a few months of temporary closures and massive cleaning attempts, the vets recommended that the animals be euthanized.

Euthanized. For ringworm.

Initially, it was reported that 350 animals would be put down. But after protesters descended on the shelter, and community vets offered facilities for the animals, the centre had a change of heart. Still, 100 animals were euthanized.

I have gone through so many emotions, but despair ranks highest. The shelter has appointed an outside investigator to figure out what went wrong (I can tell you what went wrong -- they needlessly killed animals). As well, they've had experts come in to go over their protocols.

Understandably, there are a lot of angry people out there. Yet, I'm bound and determined to continue volunteering. There have been a few comments on my other blog that tend to disagree with my decision, but I can't walk away from the future animals who come into the centre. I also want to show my support of the wonderful staff who are devastated by the loss of the beloved animals in their care.

Man, just writing about this makes me cry.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn, I know the Abbotsford vets took in over 50 animals, and have already placed over a dozen completely healthy after their treatment!! I agree, unnecessary and badly handled. Hopefully they can set new protocols and handle anything that extreme with better strategy and more emphasis on saving all the animals they possibly can.

Jan said...

I remember reading about that and hoping the staff and volunteers would be able to carry on.

Lynn Sinclair said...

Yes, Karla, I'd heard that Abbotsford took many of the animals. I hadn't heard that they were being adopted out.

Lynn Sinclair said...

It has been so very hard on everyone, Jan. Looking toward the future, and not remembering each individual animal makes it a tiny bit easier. But I still remember them.

Georgie said...

Euthanized...for ringworm?

Well, I guess my adult son should really be thanking me now, for not killing him off when he contracted ringworm from his playground buddies when he was about 5 or 6 years old.


Lynn Sinclair said...

Kids always think we overprotect them, Georgie, but I believe your son would appreciate that you did.