Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cat Emergency

Black Cat Sleeping
On the weekend, I applied to the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA ) to become a volunteer at our local shelter. I often visit the cats, bringing clean blankets and new toys, and patting as many as possible. On this visit, the patting took much longer than expected.

The shelter is experiencing a cat emergency. The enclosures are full, and there are 300 more cats in the back. Three hundred! Where are they coming from? There are a few kittens, but most are adults, and all were friendly and eager for attention.

I bought Meeko there four years ago when she was just a tiny kitten. They had named her 'Trouble', but she's been no trouble at all (although she did terrorize my other cat Chowder when she was alive). Meeko enjoys the company of people, yet she isn't keen on other cats. If she was, I'd be scooping up a few more from the shelter.

If you live in or near York Region, north of Toronto, please consider adopting one of these guys. They not only need a loving home and family, they deserve it.


NuclearToast said...

Good for you, Lynn, on your volunteer work. I hope it isn't too hard on your heart, seeing all those cats that need homes but knowing you can't take one home yourself!

Lynn Sinclair said...

Thank you, NT. It must be very tough working at the shelter every day -- not sure I could do that.

Georgie said...

There's a brand new litter of kittens I've been told about that was just taken into the North Shore Animal League here in NY -- so we'll see.

God, how those cute little faces just MAKE you fall in love with them.

Great post, Lynn.

Lynn Sinclair said...

So ... you're thinking about adding a new family member, Georgie? If so, I know it will have a wonderful home.