Tuesday, November 20, 2007

No Guts, No Glory

If you're a regular visitor to my blog, you'll have noticed that I seldom address the real issues affecting animals. Sure, I've shared my views on animals performing in circuses, dogs left in sun-soaked cars, and the loss of the world's wildlife. But the down and dirty stuff? No.

I haven't the guts to read about abused animals, never mind write about them. I know the horror stories are out there, and it just about breaks my heart to acknowledge that there are some people (and I use that term lightly) who would treat an animal with anything but love and respect.

Luckily, there's lots of brave folks who can and do deal with the important stuff. And so, today, I'm honouring those who make a difference--thank you.


Heidi the Hick said...

My farrier works for the humane society and sometimes I wonder how she gets up and goes back to work each day, the things she sees.

Lynn Sinclair said...

Tough job that--I'd be bringing home kittens and puppies all the time, telling my husband they were the latest in robotic toys.

And hey, I learned a new word today: farrier (had to look it up).

Georgie said...

As long as we can keep the severest cruelties and "creepiness" behind bars where it belongs, such as in the case of Michael Vick and his horrible dog fight and "betting" empire, hopefully you won't have to delve into the real sickening stuff, Lynn.

Love you, and totally LOVE this blog you've started, dear friend.

Lynn Sinclair said...

Thanks so much, Georgie. Love you too. And may I say again, it was so much fun meeting you at the Backspace conference this year.

Raggedy Angst said...

You are much braver than I am. I can't even watch Discovery specials because I can't stand to see animals suffer and die even if it means another animal gets to live. I may be the only person in the world who couldn't even get through March of the Penguins. Thank you for doing this blog and for doing it so gracefully!

Lynn Sinclair said...

Angst, that's such a wonderful thing to say. Thank you.

I'm with you on the difficulty of watching nature shows. When I watch, I always close my eyes at the crucial moment, hoping the gazelle gets away from the lion, or the mouse reaches his hideaway before the hawk strikes. You know, there's nothing wrong with empathizing with animals. The world wouldn't be quite so harsh if everyone did that.

And thanks for the warning about the "March of Penguins"--I haven't seen it yet.