Thursday, February 18, 2010

Protecting the Rights of Animals

Switzerland is leaving other countries in its dust when it comes to the rights of pets. In March, they'll hold a referendum on whether domesticated animals should have the right to be represented in court by lawyers. The country already has a law protecting guinea pigs and goldfish from being kept without mates as they are considered social animals. Although extreme, I think the Swiss have the right idea.

In Canada, the SPCA does its best to protect animals from abuse and neglect, but the courts appear unwilling to get on board. Yesterday, while volunteering at the animal shelter, I met two cats who had been found in a taped-up box, at the side of the road -- someone had left them there to die in the cold! I've always believed that "what goes around, comes around", so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


NuclearToast said...

I, too, like to believe in karma, although it's never as satisfyingly quick (or brual) to apply itself as I'd like.

NuclearToast said...


Lynn Sinclair said...

I like the word "brual", as in "He's such a brual." You're right about karma coming at a snail's pace, and so the monster (or "brual") will never understand why punishment is being served.

Georgie said...

If only one day whoever did that would wake up swathed in duct tape from head to foot -- and left on the roadside to freeze to death.

Then, I guess, they would really understand the true magnitude of this when poor, defenseless animals are treated this way.

Jeez. For my money, the Swiss have the RIGHT idea when it comes to this kind of cruelty.

Lynn Sinclair said...

You're being generous, Georgie, hoping that they'll actually "wake up".