Friday, September 25, 2009

Meet Your Match

Short haired tabby catAs you may already know, for the past year, I've volunteered at my local Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) shelter. It's been a wonderful experience, and I was very fortunate to be chosen to attend a two-day Meet Your Match Feline-ality training seminar.

This ASPCA program matches adopters' preferences to the cat(s) who best fits the bill by assessing how cats will behave in a new environment. Shelters that have implemented the program experience almost 50% less returns and just as high an increase in adoptions. Go here to meet the nine different "Feline-alities" (or categories).

Although the initial implementation of the program may be huge, I'm looking forward to assessing the cats, in hopes that they will be adopted into loving homes more quickly.


Georgie said...

Love those totally accurate cat-e-gories, Lynn!

Presently, I've got the "love bug" hands-down with my precious little boy, Patrick. But prior to him, I definitely had a "secret admirer" with my dearly departed little girl, Jazzy.

Great stuff. Thanks for sharing this.

NuclearToast said...

Good luck cat-egorizing all your feline charges. Great to hear that the results are so much better, and hope that helps you all in the long run!

Lynn Sinclair said...

I haven't yet figured out which category my cat fits into, Georgie. She might be the secret admirer.

Lynn Sinclair said...

I hope it helps too, NT. There's over 400 cats at my local shelter.

Kasha said...

Thank you so much for volunteering. I am so glad there are people like you to give of your time.

Lynn Sinclair said...

Thanks, Kasha.