Monday, August 17, 2009

Japan - Part Three

Kiyomizu Temple Kyoto

Kyoto offers a glimpse into what I imagine all of Japan once looked like -- ancient streets, timber-framed buildings with sloping roofs, and beautiful Geisha dressed in vibrant silk kimonos. It's all that, but it does have its whimsical side as well. On my first visit, four years ago, I took this photo of three cats peeking into a store window (click on photos to enlarge):

Kyoto Japan storefront cats
This summer, I spotted them again. Looks like one of the cats has been adopted:

Kyoto Japan storefront cats

The food in Japan is always exquisitely presented -- almost too beautiful to eat:

Japanese Cakes
Japanese meal presentation

In addition to traditional menus, most restaurants offer a visual array of plastic food samples to make choosing one's meal far easier:

Fake food sample Japan

And then there are the crepes which are stacked full of ... well, everything you can imagine:

Kyoto Japan Crepes

We all passed on the hotdog crepe, but my daughter and husband loved the strawberry-banana, while I opted for the vanilla and green tea ice cream cone.

Over 127,000,000 million people live in Japan, but there is never any jostling in line, and the citizens are always polite and friendly (they even have Canadians beat in that regard!). And despite the differences in food, language, and customs, I never once felt homesick. Had it not been for the fact that I missed my cat, Meeko, I might have stayed and discovered all the many more wonderful things Japan has to offer.


NuclearToast said...

Hot dog crepes! I wouldn't have believed it without a picture.

Lynn Sinclair said...

I knew you'd be drawn to that, NT! I'll bet it would be easy to make ...

Karla said...

the vanilla green tea ice cream cone sounds yummy, too!
I have heard the Japanese are exceptionally polite despite their high population. The photos of the scenery you've posted so far would entice me to visit for a few months too if family & $ weren't an object!!!
recovering overnight (sinus infection fever has hit this afternoon!!), but will be back at the sbux Wed am!

jan said...

I've always wanted to visit Japan, having had so many students from there. I enjoyed your posts.

Lynn Sinclair said...

Hope you do feel better soon, Karla. Vacationing in Japan can be expensive, but I've heard that there are short and long term condos available at good prices. As far as eating is concerned, you can always find affordable restaurants. Start saving those pennies -- it'll be worth it!

Lynn Sinclair said...

Thanks, Jan. Perhaps, one day, you'll find your way to Japan.

Georgie said...

My favorite is red bean ice cream, Lynn. Actually, the Japanese are experts at taking almost any ingredient -- and making the most delicious ice cream you can imagine. A master at this is famed Japanese and French fusion chef, Hiroyuki Sakai.

A true artisan.

Lynn Sinclair said...

I know when it comes to food and cooking, you're the one to go to, Georgie. Thanks for the info!