Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gone Fishing

We used to have fish -- in a five gallon tank, I believe. The fish were lovely to watch, though I always felt a bit sorry for them as they swam around and around, imprisoned by four glass walls. That is, I felt sorry for them until it came time to clean the tank. Then I felt sorry for me.

I was rather fanatical about keeping the tank clean, so I bought a sucker fish. He was a great little housekeeper, mouthing his way silently along the glass surface. As he grew and grew, never complaining about his lot in life, I became quite fond of him. Over the four or five years that we had the tank, fish would die, only to be replaced by others. But that sucker fish -- he just kept doing his job.

When the last fish died, I decided my tank cleaning days were over. The sucker fish still thrived, so when a local fish store offered him a new home, I gladly dropped him off. Okay, not so gladly. Do you know, I actually cried when they slipped him into his new tank? Man, sometimes I just get too emotional.

I'll never venture back into the world of fish and aquariums, but I could surely be tempted by some of these:

Fish 'n Flush

I'm not too sure how this works, but wouldn't it freak out your friends when they came to visit? And think of the convenience when it comes time to dispose of the dead fish (Note: we always buried our fish. Flushing seemed so ... so disrespectful).

Spacearium - the ceiling suspended aquarium

This aquarium is suspended from the ceiling. I have no idea how you'd clean it, but I don't recommend it to anyone living in an earthquake zone.

Luxury Aquariums

This is the coolest aquarium. Impossible to clean, but so much fun for the fish. Hmm ... can fish even have fun?

Aqua Table 675 Square Coffee Table Aquarium~Aqua Table Aquariums

You know how fish don't like it when the side of their tank is tapped? With this, what happens when you have a party, and everyone is setting down their glass? Your fish would most likely become nervous wrecks, cowering from the creatures hovering over the table.

All pets are high maintenance in one way or another, or at least, they should be. As much as we love 'em, there will always be aspects of their care that drive us nuts. With my cat, Meeko, it's the 5:00 a.m. wake up call she gives me. She'll begin kneading my head if knocking things off my bedside table doesn't work. That's still better than sticking my hands into a fish tank, and cleaning poop out of the gravel.


NuclearToast said...

We had a huge (75-gallon? 100-gallon?) aquarium for years, and yes, it was fun to watch, but a massive pain to clean. How many towels did we go through when changing the water meant some would invariably go on the living room carpet? Now I just admire them at Thai restaurants.

Lynn Sinclair said...

75-100 gallons, NT? I have no right to complain about my teeny 5 gallon tank.

leesnest said...

so that's why you're up so early ready for your coffee!!! The Meeko alarm!!

Lynn Sinclair said...

Lol. Yes, forget the alarm clock you plug in; everyone should have a Meeko.

Heidi the Hick said...

We had those siamese fighting fish who are happy in tiny fish bowls. We really enjoyed them... but ask my kids how squeamish I got about cleaning the bowls! I can handle manure but fish? Yeek. I'm weird. All it takes is a fish flopping around on the table and I'm quivering.

The kids don't really want to have fish anymore. They die too easily.

My mom grew attached to a suckerfish too. Same thing: all the fish died but that little old sucker just kept on doing his job. She wasn't sure what to do with him. She told me she was sad when he died.

We always miss them when they're gone, no matter how small!

Georgie said...

Gotta love that toilet tank aquarium! Talk about a "conversation" piece.

Lynn Sinclair said...

Heidi, you're right, it doesn't matter if it's a fish, a puppy or a kitten -- once we bring it into our homes, we can't help but love them and then miss them once they're gone.

Lynn Sinclair said...

Lol, Georgie, I can see it now -- all our guests standing around the aquarium in the bathroom.

Raggedy Angst said...

OK, bring on the blonde jokes, but I get dizzy if I look into a tank full of water. I have to look at it straight on, or it makes me nauseated. Needless to say, I've never had fish. Scuba diving doesn't seem to cause that problem, though; it makes me nauseated for entirely different reasons (namely, I'm afraid of being in the water). How is this relevant? It isn't. Sorry about that.

Lynn Sinclair said...

Actually, Raggs, that kind of makes sense -- similar to car sickness. Maybe.

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