Sunday, June 8, 2008

This is What Happens When You Let Your Mind Wander

I'd always been curious as to why zebras hadn't been domesticated. Other than the jail house duds, they look pretty much like horses, so wouldn't it be handy to saddle one up before making the long trek across the African plains?

After a bit of research, I've discovered that zebras are near-impossible to tame, and their body shapes are different from horses, making them difficult to fit a saddle. I kind of like the fact that zebras have successfully maintained their freedom.

On the other hand, why did anyone even consider domesticating a Madagascar hissing cockroach? They can grow to three inches long, are wingless, live up to three years, and make great pets for young children. I just can't imagine bringing a cockroach into my home.

As pets or tools (and let's face it, we do use them), animals play important roles in our lives. And yet, many people continue to abuse them. Do you think they'll revolt one day, take over the world before we completely screw it up?


NuclearToast said...

If they do revolt, I hope they can tell those of us who are on their side.

Lynn Sinclair said...

Unfortunately, they'd probably lump us in with all the other humans.

Georgie said...

>>>Do you think they'll revolt one day, take over the world before we completely screw it up?<<<

To that, I say, one can only hope.

Imagine going off to vote for your favorite presidential candidate...who just happens to be a New Mexico Chaparral Roadrunner.

I'd bet he (or she) would have some pretty interesting alternatives to the present gas crisis. No doubt.

Lynn Sinclair said...

Interesting things would happen, Georgie, that's for sure. Maybe a Planet of the Apes kind of thing.