Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Liar's Diary by Patry Francis

Patry Francis is a talented author whose debut novel THE LIAR'S DIARY came out in hardcover from Dutton last spring. The trade paper release is January 29th, but a few months ago, Patry was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. She's had several surgeries, and her prognosis is good, but given that Patry won't have much energy for promoting, a number of bloggers are banding together to do it for her. I know Patry through Backspace--a wonderful website just for writers. For a complete list of all the bloggers, authors, editors and agents who are taking this opportunity to help out, go to Backspace's homepage.

Please take a moment to check out Patry's blog and her book, A Liar's Diary:

Patry Francis - Website

Patry's Blog - Simply Wait

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Carolyn Burns Bass said...

Hey, Lynn. Just stopping by to spread some bliss on Patry's blog day. Consider yourself blissed!

Lynn Sinclair said...

Bliss is always welcome, Carolyn. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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